And…a Blog.


So here we are.

I’m beyond excited to start this venture. I’ve been writing for a while now, but being a published author is on a whole new level.

First and foremost, the people are fantastic. From fellow authors to the readers~ everyone is beyond wonderful and supportive.

My first Romance novel, which is coming very, very, very (very!) soon, was a joint effort with another author, who also happens to be a longtime friend(I won’t tell you how long, that might give away my age).

Did I mention I was excited?

Our steamy, unusual love story takes place in rural America. Where else would (an original) country girl like myself want her first novel setting to be? 😉  It happens that my co-author is also a country-girl, perhaps even more so than myself.

Please follow along for updates as we get closer and closer to release date!  Maybe we will throw in a giveaway or two, just for fun!

Keep on reading, and keep on writing.  Follow your passions. Follow your heart. It truly can show you the road to happiness. ♥♥♥♥


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