Dirty Books. How it all began.

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“We should write a dirty book.” My author friend says to me, as I am tipping back an ice cold mug of cold brew at a local hangout.  It almost came back out through my nose.

“A what?” Maybe I didn’t hear her right. We were smart women. Educated. And, seriously, I had authored other books, but never anything really….dirty. Hell, I can barely manage a cuss word sometimes. I am a good girl.

“Yeah. I think we should.”

“You mean, like…dirty? Like sex? Foreplay, afterplay? That kind of shit?” (Yay for the cuss word). My brain was processing. Suddenly, I had ideas. Lots of them. Maybe the alcohol helped with that part.

“Yep. I think it would be fun.” She sips her beer and shrugs as if we were discussing which dress to wear to the party. But, I am a good girl.

Nah. Fuck it. I have ideas.Who knows? Maybe I’ve been a secret dirty book writing genius all along and never knew it.

I say, “We should write about a sexy doctor…”


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She responds…”Maybe there could be sexy brothers…”


Image result for sexy twin brothers

We laugh, and think of every other sexy profession there might be.

So many options. Then we start talking. And talking some more. And maybe drinking more beer in there too- But then…suddenly we knew our story line.

And six months after that plot was born, we are ready to share it with you!!

**Release Date Coming Soon**


But I want to know about YOU now! 

If you are a writer, what is your current WIP?

Are you a reader? What are you reading?






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