New Release: Harvest of Sin

derek sauntered into anna's little amish town, turning heads everyone he went. he wasn't amish, but everyone woman turned to look. he was rugged, ripped and perfect. dark and handsome, a

In the words of Jessie from,

“As I read the first sentence, just to get a peek at what I was getting into, I could not stop reading. I do not recommend reading this book in public, unless you’re reading it with your significant other. Your cheeks will be rosy and you will be hot and bothered by the end of the first few paragraphs!  Say hello to dirty thoughts and wishing you were the girl…”

What was the last book you read a book that featured:

  1. A smokin’ hot, dark haired, built like a Roman God, English handyman-cowboy type
  2. A young Amish girl, who waited to long to explore her sexual curiosity/desires
  3. A muscular & handsome, perfect gentlemen type, young Amish man

Wait? You haven’t read any like that?

I assure you, this is a love triangle on a new level.


Derek had the women of Anna’s little Amish community tripping over their apron strings every time he walked by. He was deliciously hot, and Anna was the one he wanted. Dark, handsome, with bulging muscles, Anna wanted him just as bad.

Twenty-six-year-old Anna didn’t know what hit her. She hadn’t felt love and passion like this for….well, ever. There was just one small problem. Derek was English and an Englishman being with an Amish girl? That was shun-worthy.

Just when Anna thinks Derek might be worth the risk, in walks Caleb, the young Amish man that her parents have arranged for her to marry. Caleb is gorgeous, sexy, and meets the approval of her parents. And, well, he also happens to be sweet as the Amish pies her mama bakes.

Life changes suddenly when a devastating tragedy strikes Anna’s family, and she then begins to doubt everything her heart has been telling her.

Can Anna choose between Derek and Caleb before she ends up losing both?

Get it HERE  🙂

(Free on #KindleUnlimited)



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