Social Media: How I loathe you

Social Media:  I don’t like you.

First, you suck up my time. I don’t want my time to be sucked up, yet there it goes. Often, without me even realizing it. It’s as if you’ve brainwashed me. I don’t like that. That means you’re the bad guy. I’ve seen enough Criminal Minds to recognize the bad guys.  (And, whoa. I literally just had a vision of Shemar Moore, AKA, Derek Morgan, pop up into my head and now I forgot what I was saying…).

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^For your viewing pleasure ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Oh yea. Social Media. Fuck you, I say.

Aside from being a total time-waster, you have shitty rules.

For those of you wondering where I’ve been the last couple weeks~ I took an online sabbatical of sorts. I ended up in ‘Facebook jail’, as they call it, as my author profile didn’t fit their rules.

Ironically, I had always read the warnings of this happening to other authors. Never thought it would happen to me. So yeah. Fuck you, Facebook.

So, #1, you’re a time-waster, #2, rules suck.  What’s number 3?

Indie authors kind of rely on social media. We need it. I hate being reliant on that. I’m a strong independent woman.  But, how else do our books get distributed? Talked about? Promoted?

Ah, the necessary evil that is social media.

In any event. Enough bitching. I get it. I need to follow the rules of the game.

So, I’m back.


Thoughts on Social Media?


Who else totally loves Shemar Moore?


Who has finished ‘Harvest of Sin’?  (Leave your review on Amazon!! We need those reviews!—–>




2 thoughts on “Social Media: How I loathe you

    1. It’s fairly complicated- but, they deleted my account. I write under a Pen Name,that’s what my FB page was under, and that is against their Terms of Service. Facebook, I detest you right now.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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