Monday Mentions: New Releases!

I’m so happy & excited to share these New Releases to you!

Disclaimer:  All books, descriptions and covers were obtained directly from the author or Amazon.  Some adult content contained within. None of these works are mine, or affiliated with me in any way- just recommendations! Happy Reading!!! 🙂

  Claimed By Magic - The Hunter Chronicles Book 3 by [Marta, Claire]    

1. Claimed By Magic – The Hunter Chronicles Book 3 by Claire Marta

**Release date March 23rd**
Pre-order—————->  Click Here- Only $0.99

🌠🌠Claimed By Magic 🌠🌠- The Hunter Chronicles Book 3

Broken hearted from Eric’s betrayal in Prague, Jasmine turns to her best friend to get her mind off everything she has lost.
Twitch takes her on a wild adventure in an attempt to cheer her up, but unbeknownst to either of them, danger lurks within the shadows of the techno mage’s magical homeland.
An ancient evil is rising.
No one is safe.
No one can be trusted.
Lines are drawn.
The battle to survive begins.


2. The Unravelling, by Sarah Northwood

The Unravelling by [Northwood, Sarah]

JUST RELEASED!  Click here– ONLY $0.99!

Jennifer Ranger’s life is finally heading in the right direction. Her teaching job gives her the power to make a real difference in her students’ lives, and her relationship with her boyfriend, Greg, is better than ever.
After a long, exhausting day, Jennifer heads out to find the last thing she ever expected under the windshield wiper of her car.
After that, everything begins to unravel and she’s plunged into a world of paranoia and darkness.
Will Jennifer ever emerge from this new life of fear, or will she lose everything?
Out of the ashes, a killer rises..


3. Sediments by Lyra Shanti-  Poetry Compilation!

Sediments: The Selected Poems of Lyra Shanti by [Shanti, Lyra]

This unique book of poetry contains the selected poems of the prolific poet, playwright, songwriter, and novelist, Lyra Shanti. Ranging from epic story-telling to romantic and lyrical, Sediments covers it all. Passionate and unrestricted, this collection of free-form poetry and prose is one of a kind.

Click Here to Order- Only 0.99!!


4. Beautiful Nightmares: Women of Horror Anthology

Beautiful Nightmares: Women of Horror Anthology by [Knizley, Skye, Davis Brandon, Sarah, Luchesi, Lily, Hoffman, Laurencia, Marlow, Faith, Weeks, October, Mattern, P., Giacomi, A., Sowder, Kindra, Ungureanu, Petronela, Taylor, Nicolajayne]

Demons, Vampires, Dark Readers of the Mind, Unspeakable Horrors and Ghosts that lurk in the night. When the sun fades behind the horizon and darkness falls, these are the things that chill your bones. Every bump, every whistle of the wind, every distant cry a nightmare waiting to unfold. Frightening. Terrible. Beautiful.

Click Here:  ONLY $0.99!


5. A Rose in Bloom, By Allysa Hart


Releases on March 24!!  This one looks H-O-T!  Follow Allysa here!!

“You are not just my wife, you are my world.”  Keith and Rose have been happily married for years, but when they begin their journey to build a family they are thrown into a tailspin of disappointment and they begin to lose eachother. After months of growing apart, Keith makes the decision to reclaim his wife and whisks her off to an exclusive BDSM resort. Rawhide Ranch is a place for lifestyle couples to congregate and play out their fantasies, but there is a whole other side that the couple had not been aware of.


6.  An Imperfect Engagement, Book 2.  By Alyssa Drake.

An Imperfect Engagement (Wiltshire Chronicles Book 2) by [Drake, Alyssa]

Kidnapped by the man who murdered her father, nearly beaten to death and severely poisoned; so far, Samantha Hastings’ engagement to Lord Benjamin Westwood has been tumultuous at best.
The killer revels his venomous, revenge plot had assistance, forcing the Hastings and Westwood families to reach out for help, but can they trust every friend? Samantha develops a risky plan to drawn the accomplice out of hiding, but this scheme may cost her more than she is willing to sacrifice.
The masked ball approaching and Samantha may not survive until her wedding day because – by the end of the evening – at least one person will die….



7.  Daisy Dukes ‘n Cowboy Boots, By Zari Reede

Daisy Dukes 'n Cowboy Boots by [Reede, Zari]

When big-city lawyer, Nolan Anderson, rolls into her small West Texas town, Ferina Kincaid goes into a tailspin of worry over losing her family’s ranch. She knows he’s been hired by town banker and long-time Kincaid nemesis, Lance Morrison, to bring havoc to her world. Morrison owns the land adjacent to Ferina’s property and will stop at nothing to take what is rightfully hers, even if it means digging up the past and hurting innocent bystanders. Dishonest cowhands are cheap in Brewster County, and the banker has enough men and cash to outlast and ruin her with his dirty tricks and vandalism. Hiring Nolan is just the latest of Morrison’s devious shenanigans, which have turned Kincaid Ranch upside-down, and—with more than just her land at stake—Ferina fears she’s no match for this too-handsome, smooth-talking lawyer.

What a cool looking book!  Click here to Order.


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